Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars are top-shelf cigars for the ones who know premium cigars. It originated in Dominican Republic. It is of mild-medium strength and has a natural wrapper. You may anticipate an outstandingly crafted sturdy and leisurely burn whilst enjoying these cigars. This is made achievable owing to the watchful creation, thorough attention and a variety of eminence checks that every cigar has to go through before it is put in the cigar box.

Cigar Design:

These are the premium handmade cigars with a length of six inches and Gauge is 47. It is a non-flavored cigar with long filler in the shape of Lonsdale. Arturo Fuente is one of the most dependable and the oldest name in the making of cigars in US and all over the world. Austro Fuente Cigars’ smoke displays the ideal mix of high-class construction and intricate flavors that craft them very out of the ordinary cigars. Finest Dominican stuffing and folder are used with an exceptional natural wrapping to create amazing flavors to the cigar.

Best uses of Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars:

  • It can be used everyday
  • Can be used on Outdoor events or games
  • Can be used on special occasions
  • It can be used for gifting purposes also.
  • Can be used at wedding hangouts.

Advantages of Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars:

  • It is easy to light
  • It has a good draw
  • The essence and aroma of the cigar is great and unbeatable.

Disadvantages of Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars:

  • The wrapper has certain imperfections.
  • There are certain structure issues that come up recurrently.
  • Sometimes the ring is jammed to the wrapper.
  • Users also come across the glue smeared on the outer surface of the wrapper.


Arturo Fuente uses Connecticut wrappers to wrap its cigars. The preliminarynotion that the cigar gives is very high. It scores highest marks in its aroma followed by the appearance and construction. The wrapper has a grave marble color which is a blend of dark chocolate brown and black. It does give a very exceptional appearance. The Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars give out a gentlewhiff of tobacco with a modestaroma of cocoa, coffee and hay.Arturo Fuente 858 Maduro Cigars start out with a pepper zest with some aged wood and harsh tobacco. Steadily, it getssubjugated by the flavor of cinnamon and nutmeg which provides some sweetness time to time. The second third is not up to the standard set but it gives a surprisingly spice flavor that takes over it. It can be depicted as meekly sweet gingerbread. It provides an assortment of pepper, dark coffee, spice and earthiness. In the final third, a slender bitterness comes through, although coffee, earth and pepper are still there. Certain dark flavors like coffee beans, dark chocolate, raisin sweetness and wood cease the cigar. The coarseness gets a crumb stronger till the end. It can be concluded that the draw was free-flowing and fine. It provides aplentifulquantity of smoke with each one puff taken. It provides a steadytaste and feat. It continuously produces delectable and substantial smoke. Residue held about an inch everytime. Itcan be expressed as a fine petite spice shell.

In the conclusion, we can say that it is a good cigar with less complexity and it is a good smoke for a new cigar smoker. It appeals very much to an exacting class of cigar smokers to a vast extent. The smoking time for Arturo Fuente 858 Cigars is 78 minutes. It can be said that it is a good cigar with premium flavors providing a wonderful experience to various people all across the globe.

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Although lots of people were upside down on the mortgages, people who could market were obtaining presents nearly the moment their houses hit on the entries. The problem was a hard one for individuals who had a concept of the things they desired but were not sure where you can think it is. Furthermore, actually after they discovered “it,” often another person might jump in and create an offer or if they did venture to put an offer on the house outbid them. Texas Fort Worth customers who go through the same problems may benefit simply because they possess the information on RE from dealing with a RE/MAX realtor /MAX Homes for sale in Flower Mound TX.

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